Soar Electric Desktop Sit/Stand Dual Monitor Arm, For 27" Monitors, White, Supports 10 lbs

Versatile remote control surface that rises to allow user to adjust to sit or stand while working and includes two monitor arms. Electric height adjustment range of 17.5 to suit a variety of users and to allow users to move easily between sitting and standing to help promote a more active workday. Remote control with simple up/down buttons with the option to program three presets to easily transition between sitting or standing. Two USB charging ports and two outlets for easy connectivity and charging capabilities. Workstation holds up to 10 lbs, dual monitor arms hold up to nine lbs. each to handle the weight of most computers. Base is constructed of sturdy steel with a powder coat finish and the top is constructed of laminate for long-lasting durability. Each of the two mounts holds one monitor up to 27 in size (maximum nine lbs each). Design color suits most décor. Additional magnetic remote controls are sold separately.
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Assembly Required Non-Returnable - Food/Medicine Shippable Product
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